Volunteer Recruitment Guide & Training Video

Building a successful community is a team effort. And we know that the most successful code clubs use volunteers. But volunteers can be hard to find. So we want to show you how to get your first (or fifth!) volunteer for Fiero Code!

This guide will walk you through how to recruit volunteers.

The Volunteer Recruitment Guide link

Volunteer Training

We would recommend having your volunteers go complete some of the core lessons in the Fiero Code Training. In particular, have them complete the following:

  • Fiero Code 101:
    • The Welcome & Why
    • The Fiero Code Model
    • Connected Learning
    • When Kids Get Stuck: Growth Mindset
    • When Kids Get Stuck: 3 Step Process
  • Fiero Code 102:
    • Create an Account
    • Dive In
    • How the Software Works
    • Ready, Set, Code!

This should get them the foundation they need to be successful, and, of course, they are welcome to complete the entire training if they wish.