Dive In

Let’s pick up where we left off after you created an account for the first time. You should be on a page that looks like this:

Here you will have the option to either join a Code Club if your library has created one, or to jump right into coding. Don’t worry, you can always join a club later if they want. Click “Start the Adventure” to move onto…..

Your Hero:

This is your Hero Avatar. As you gain coding skills and complete missions you will gain new gear to update your Hero’s look and powers. For now, customize your Hero’s skin, hair etc. and then click “next”.


Watch this quick video about Prendapolis. It will explain the story our coding experience is centered around. When you are done, click “next” to begin your first coding workout.

First Coding Experience:

Now you get to complete a short Coding workout to get a feeling for the experience. Follow the instructions to create your first computer program: a dancing robot. This is pretty basic, but you can make it as simple or complex as you like. When you are satisfied, click “next” and then “let’s get started” to land on your very own Home Page!

Well done! In the next lesson we will go over how the software works, the difference between missions and workouts and all the other fun stuff your Coders get to experience!