Marketing Intro

Getting kids to your code club is half the battle! (The other half is creating an amazing experience for them once they are there) We’ve created loads of marketing resources and compiled dozens of ideas to make marketing easy and effective.

We recognize most librarians don’t have time to be full time marketers, so when possible, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. All that’s left is copying and pasting and clicking send.

This course will walk you through step by step how to get the word out about your code club. If you do what we’re asking you to do here, we have a lot of confidence that it will work, and you’ll be able to grow a consistent community around code club.

Be aware that the work is front-loaded as you initially launch your code club, and then scales back once your club is up and running.

If you happen to have a marketing team on staff at your library, we recommend sharing these resources with them.

As with everything we do – you have permission to modify, plagiarize, and use for your own purposes.