Do Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is all the communication stuff that happens on the internet. This portion in particular can feel really intimidating. But fear not, we’ve created a Digital Marketing Plan for you.

This guide spells out, in great detail, a digital marketing plan that you are 100% welcome copy, steal, rip off, or otherwise borrow. Please! Take it and put it to good use in your social media and email communication efforts. This guide will lean towards the “digital” side of marketing, but don’t forget the importance of “physical” and “word of mouth/in-person” marketing. Posters, talking it up in the library, sharing about code club at your local schools, etc… All of that is important too. But for the sake of this guide, we’ll focus on digital.

Let’s get as many kids from your community exposed to high quality and fun computer programming education! It’s going to change their lives. Let’s build something awesome!

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