Do a Press Release

Press releases are a simple write up you give to the media to announce cool new things you’re doing. Guess what — code club is a cool new thing you’re doing!

Guess what else — press releases are easy!

Use this template, change out the information, and get it in the hands of your library, city, or state PR person.

Don’t know who that is? Ask your library director. They should either know or know who to ask to find out who the right person

If there is a local or neighborhood newspaper, contact them to see if they’ll publish the press release, or write their own story about it.

These kinds of publications LOVE what you’re doing, and will be eager to write about it.

Press releases are going to give your code club exposure to a wider audience than your library normally has access to. It’ll help bring in some new faces. From there, it’s as simple as making sure the new people have an excellent experience to keep them coming back.

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