The Fiero Code Model

We’ve supported code clubs in libraries, schools, and community centers around the country for years. At the time of writing this, we’re just shy of a thousand code clubs, over ten thousand kids, and hundreds of guides that we’ve trained on our model.

Our model works. You can have confidence that, if you do what we’re saying and embody the principles we’re laying out here, you will run a life-changing code club.

The Adult’s Role

Whenever we training people in-person, we take a moment to pause, have everyone raise their right hand, and repeat after us the pledge below. It’s half a joke, but also very important to what we’re trying to communicate.

This is one of the hardest paradigm shifts guides have to go through.

For some, those with coding expertise specifically, taking this pledge means you’re choosing to surrender the role of “subject matter expert,” and instead engage as an active participant to the learning experience.

For others, those without coding expertise, this means you’re choosing to trust in our model – the software, the peer learning, the problem solving. You’re choosing to be okay with the uncomfortable nature of not having a subject matter expert present. That’s both relieving (because you don’t have to be a coding expert), and terrifying.

Take a minute before you answer the question below to seriously reflect on what we’re asking of you. Then answer the question and move on to the next lesson.

Reflection Questions